Abdu Rozik Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth

Abdu Rozik Biography

Abdu Rozik Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth Friends, you all must have seen Abdullah Ji, the youngest and cutest contestant of Bigg Boss Sixteen. Abdullah is a Pakistani singer who became very viral due to his Hindi songs in the past many of you probably know that Abdullah is 18 years old and is suffering from a medical condition due to which his body is not developing. had got.

Although Abdul is a very popular name and has become a popular face, he has struggled a lot in his life compared to a common man. Be it making fun of people due to his medical condition or the problems he faces daily due to his illness.

Abu made this weekend his strength and today he has made his name not only in Tajikistan and India but in the world today we are going to know this story of Abu through this video. Hello, friends welcome and welcome back so I hope. You all will be saved and healthy. In today’s video, we will talk about Singer Rapper Boxer Blogger, and All Rounder Abdul Tajik.

Who is Abdu Rozik Girlfriend

The story of his struggle and many such things related to his life which you might not know. Where on the one hand people become helpless due to a minor illness, on the other hand, despite such a huge medical condition, Abdul has achieved all that even a normal person is less able to do. So this video is going to be very interesting and inspiring.

Must watch till end Abbu was born on 3rd September 2003 in a middle-class family in a village in Tajikistan Punjab. Abdul was diagnosed with a medical condition called Rickets when he was only four years old. The disease in which the development of the body is not done properly and because of this the height of Abdul could not increase.

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His free tweet Jai and Vipin’s brother-in-law Abdul was very fond of listening to songs in his childhood and he used to listen to songs by bringing cassettes and then slowly started humming the songs along with listening and this hobby turned into his passion. Where Abdul used to go to a market in his village and used to sing to people and people also liked his songs and his look.

which is the first song of abdu rozik
Abdu Rozik Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth

Which is The First Song of Abdu Rozik

And since then, Abdul made his small stature his strength and decided to pursue his career in singing. Then in 2019, Abdul got a chance to sing 100 songs, which was Dilli Road, which was a Tajikistani song and people liked this song very much, which made it very popular in Tajikistan. He has a channel on youtube.

By the name of Upload Media, on which he used to upload his songs, which has more than 5 lakh subscribers today. Abdul shifted to Dubai after being popular in Tajikistan and now talk.

Talked about how Abdul became popular in India. Actually, he got popular in India due to Hindi songs, which song Inna Sona Song was composed by Arijit Singh.

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Recently, the mother and her cute voice impressed the Indians a lot. Even though Abdul does not know Hindi, he sings Hindi very well, and recently when IIFA was organized in Dubai a few years back, Abdul also attended the event. Where he met many celebrities and Abdul sang a dedicated song for Salman Khan, after which Salman hugged him.

How Much Does Abdu Rozik Earn

The video was also quite viral on social media and recently Salman Khan told on the ground of Big Boss that Abu has also worked in his recent upcoming movie Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. Talking about Abu’s favorite actors, both Salman and Sharukh are very much liked and Abu is also seen sharing his struggle story with Sajid Khan in an episode of Bigg Boss.

Where he says that at one time his financial condition was not at all right and even rainwater used to drip in his house due to being made fun of in school time since childhood and due to body shame, his studies were also not done properly. Got it

But today he is able to live a better lifestyle after a lot of struggle and on the strength of his hard work and soon he will also build a new house for his parents. May all your wishes come to true Abbu and you keep entertaining people.

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