Batgirl Killer Warner Bros Wonder What About Ezra Miller and Flash?

Warner Bros Wonder What About Ezra Miller and Flash?

Batgirl Killer Warner Bros Wonder What About Ezra Miller and Flash? Warner Bros. is in trouble, as the CEO founded Batgirl and renounced it. Furthermore, the star of “The Flash” has been embattled and Warner Bros. is considering what to do about their film slated for next year.

THR sources say that Miller is seeking professional help and that he’ll make a public apology.

Miller was charged with theft of alcohol in a Vermont home and the police have the surveillance video to prove it. On top of that, Rolling Stone reported that the police served Miller a citation on Wednesday for one of a series of attempts to track down a 25-year-old woman who has been living in unsafe conditions at their farm.

To help avoid tragedy, a family from Vermont had their kids removed from the family home. The family defended themselves by saying they had recently fled and were now living somewhere else.

Miller’s history includes various incidents, including disorderly conduct and harassment, assault with a chair, and allegations of kissing a fan nonconsensually. Other lowlights include inappropriate use of an Airbnb where they also had an altercation with a woman at the bar, along with allegations of grooming an 18-year-old Sioux activist, keeping guns close to children, and more.

How Batgirl has done an excellent job of killing Warner Bros

The pressure to make a film about The Flash is high and it may not happen, despite the outstanding success of Arrow.

Can Warner Bros. Do Anything Else with The Flash?

Is Batgirl Coming Back to Warner Bros?

Warners is planning to cut down on costs in the wake of their earnings call that revealed they would be restructuring DC film production with a shift towards theatrical releases. This is shown by their decision to cut down the size of the community in light of this new direction.

Meanwhile, Miller’s name is becoming Kryptonite in the industry and the public eye as well.

Yesterday, a press release for Daliland, Mary Harron’s biopic of Salvador Dali set to debut on the closing night of the Toronto Film Festival, omitted any mention of Miller. Yesterday, Kevin Smith noted on his podcast the irony of Batgirl being canceled while hope is kept alive for The Flash.

Zaslav, the CEO of NBC Universal, has shown no desire to drop The Flash

Can Warner Bros Do Anything Else with The Flash?

Many people were eager to see Ezra Miller return as the Scarlet Speedster, but since reports of his misconduct emerged, it seems unlikely that Warner Bros. will release the film.

Warner Bros. has once again shown how things are even worse than anyone expected them to be and has published a seven-minute video of the SDCC panel.

Warner Bros. has considered multiple scenarios in order to deal with the problems posed by the actor who plays The Flash in this upcoming movie. The issues will be dealt with as long as the movie does not come out until next year.

However, it seems the pressure is mounting with each day. The production house is preparing for multiple scenarios amid their entire controversy.

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