Bobby Flay Has opened up About Their Girlfriend

Bobby Flay has opened up about their girlfriend Christina Perez and whether he’ll marry again.

Bobby Flay Has opened up About Their Girlfriend Bobby Flay, chef and alpha male of the public eye has nothing but praise for his girlfriend. Previously, he voiced his affection for the love of his life – Christina Perez.

Bobby said, “things are going great. I’m a very lucky person.” Christina, she’s just a light in my life and is so smart. She just enhances everything I can do with her.

It’s been more than a year since Bobby has asked his girlfriend to marry him.

The chef joked that he has practiced matrimony a lot. “For now, I like it exactly the way it is. I think Christina does too

Chef Bobby Flay has opened up about his current girlfriend. He shared that she enjoys working with him in the kitchen. Sophie loves to cook and loves to eat out.

Bobby is happy to be spending time with Christina and Sophie.

Bobby spoke to ET that Sophie and Christina have a great relationship, thus they are working on staying close. It is important that he makes sure that Christina is likable as well.

Bobby, who is also Sophie’s father, likes to cook together with his daughter. They are both on Food Network’s show, “Bobby and Sophie on the Coast”, which will show their life together.

Bobby explains that he spends most of his time in New York, but visits Los Angeles often to see his daughter. He adds that the food scene and quality of life there are great, which is what his show focuses on.

The 26-year-old journalist, who works on a popular show dedicated to food exploration and new discoveries in Los Angeles with her friends, talked about what is so great about the show. “The show really allows us to indulge,” she said. It feels like more of an adventure when we spend our free time trying new restaurants for content ideas.

Bobby, who shares his daughter with his second wife, Kate Connelly, enjoys working with Sophie.

Bobby Flay has opened up about their girlfriend Christina Perez and whether he'll marry again.

Bobby teased that the roles have to twist a little bit

Bobby Flay, the famous chef and owner of both the Bobby Flay Steak House Restaurant Group and Mesa Grill, has opened up about his new girlfriend Sophie – a woman he met at a party.

Bobby Flay has opened up about their girlfriend, Sophie Pearlman. According to Bobby, he enjoys working with Sophie.

Bobby Flay is a world-renown chef and food expert who spends his days on TV, in restaurants and teaching people how to cook. He recently opened up about his girlfriend Sophie, and the unconventional relationship they have.

He goes on to praise his daughter, saying that she always knows the answer to all of his questions about LA.

A new show on the Food Network and discovery premieres on Monday, 22nd of August.

Tune in to ET on Monday to hear the full interview of the father-daughter duo.

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