Emiway’s Bantai Records Is Booming With Officially Signed

Emiway’s Bantai Records Is Booming With Officially Signed

Emiway Bantai started a record label to support new artists. The article goes into detail about the new record label created by Emiway Bantai Records.

Emiway’s Bantai Records

Emiway recently made a new partnership with MTV and other recording vocalists. Emiway met with Loka and Swaalina on July 6, 2021

The idea of any person putting out a work by a singular desktop artist is an extraordinary thought. The likelihood that it’s unanticipated, at the same time, is not totally impossible. What this stands for, be that as it may, is that in the event that you’re looking for a quality CD or DVD to invest your hard-earned cash on, at that point you better head off and search for something other than Emiway’s Bantai!

Emiway’s music has been a staple in the Nigerian entertainment industry for the past few years and people can’t get enough of his Bantai single. #Bantai

Emiway is a Nigerian artist and the founder of Bantai Records. In a recent post he announced that he’ll be releasing his new album, ‘The Cipher’ on March 21, 2021 and revealed details about the production company’s first project, ‘The Cipher’.

Emiway’s Bantai Records (2021)

I am pleased to disclose my new record name, Bantai Records. Alongside it, I had the capacity to declare the organization’s first undertaking The Cipher (Freeverse 2021), which will be discharged on March 20, 2021.

It began with a short video clip of Emiway and his Bantai Records colleagues. It was shot in a studio, with the rapper seated on a chair, casually putting his fingers on the mic. As he launches into the first line of “Kada”, 

one could already see that this was something different – the sound is unmistakable; it has that signature quality. And when Emiway lets out a thundering roar of laughter at the end of the song – that last sign-off before he steps off stage – it seemed to be a glad tidings for his future.

The Nigerian gospel artist, Emiway Bantai has been able to use his talent to support himself and his family. He shares the story of his life and how he got into the music industry including all of the challenges he faced. This is an inspiring story for anyone who wants to pursue their own dreams no matter the obstacles in their way.

Bantai Records, the next big thing in the Indian hip-hop scene, is a group of artists I’ve handpicked and believe will be successful. In a year from now the whole country will respect their music and, God willing, love it.

What are your thoughts on diss tracks when it comes to Desi hip-hop?

Is the culture benefitting from it?

Diss tracks are an effective way to create a message that will be heard. The maker should always keep motives in mind, such as improving their reputation or making someone feel bad. You can’t just make a diss track for fame and clicks; that doesn’t work.

What can you tell me about streaming music on platforms like YouTube?

I started my career on YouTube, and I am grateful for how the platform supported me in all of the ways that they could. People can’t ignore audio streaming platforms, because they provide engaging and beautiful experiences for listening to music. Audio streaming platforms also provide a good payout to musicians, so it is a win-win for everyone involved.

People talk a lot about the popularity of Spotify in other countries, but do you think there is a gap when it comes to India?

There is a gap in the growth of the Internet in our country, mostly because there are still many users who are not connected. I’m very sure that in the following days, we will have more Indian users than users in many other countries.

Emiway’s how-to on how to release music on Spotify

If I give them the song in the morning, they will have it live by the evening …hahaha! I really appreciate all the support that Spotify has been giving me, especially with their Bambai Bantai Playlist and having me on their cover.

I am a huge fan of the user interface as well as their Spotify for Artist app where I find relevant resources and analytics. Playlists really helps all these independent artists reach new set of audiences and an opportunity to get discovered.

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