Gabrielle Union Posts Makeup-Free Selfie

Gabrielle Union Posts Makeup-Free Selfie

Gabrielle Union Posts Makeup-Free Selfie Union is finally speaking up about her feelings, not holding back on anything. Union has become a bankable star and an aspiring businesswoman who is just as powerful.

Gabrielle Union says balancing “hyper-visibility” and “invisibility” is what makes her feel good.

Union discussed how difficult it is to know when you should stand up and point out our micro-aggressions, or when you should keep quiet so as not to be the ‘angry black person.

It’s tiring. It feels like a job that you’re not getting paid for and is all-encompassing. Despite many roles in high-profile films such as “Bring It On” and “She’s All That,” the actor found it frustrating to never be at the front of the line because of her race.

In this article on, Union expressed that it is necessary to trust your instincts and remove negative influences from your life so you can be free of self-expression. By nature, she openly shares what she looks like without wearing any makeup.

The Bring It On star is known for her natural beauty

It’s easy to see why Gabrielle Union posts barefaced selfies. She looks genuinely beautiful and most of the time, it’s actually annoying.

She always sleeps 8 hours a day, doesn’t stress herself out, and always washes her face before bed. She also exercises regularly and drinks plenty of water.

Union has oily skin but states that it’s a blessing and a curse. Liquids such as water are needed in the body and Union did not indicate any specific products.

Karen recommends Julie Hewett’s Camellia Oil as “a godsend” against acne, as well as Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash Face Scrub and Mario Badescu toner, in addition to Dove body wash. And she applies sunscreen every day.

After her rise to fame, Union told Women’s Health that she learned the best way to preserve her youth is by saying “no” often. This philosophy is reflected in her beauty brand, which celebrates black women.

Gabrielle Union reflects on her journey from insecurity to a confident woman

Gabrielle Union reflects on her journey from insecurity to a confident woman

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Gabrielle Union acknowledged that it was hard for her to feel beautiful because she lived in a mostly white suburb.

In her teenage years, Ashley was not happy with how she looked: “I didn’t love my skin color, I didn’t love my lips.”

I didn’t love anything about myself. I wasn’t chosen by anyone and had low self-esteem.

Union acknowledged that she’s faced a lot of adversity, but things aren’t changing yet because Hollywood has just morphed into different challenges.

Streaming services such as Netflix provide jobs for people, along with social causes that promote equal access for future generations.

The Flawless founder also acknowledges living legends Regina King and Jenifer Lewis for paving the way for her. She clarifies that the people following must also pave the way for similar success to come.

According to Union, she has been able to bloom, and she is now trying to help the next generation do the same. To do this, she is putting her best self in everything she does in her life and career.

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