Karma (Rapper) Biography Music Album In Wiki

Karma (Rapper) Biography Music Album In Wiki

Vivek started as a rapper in 2017. His first rap tune “Agar Main Haara” was released on 1 February 2017 and his second rap tune “Masstak Pe Dastak” was released on April 13th, 2017. He maintains the show room, then he met Raftaar when he was working during his night shift. When Raftaar heard Vivek’s rap melody, he was impressed by his music and gave him an opportunity to collaborate. 

In November of 2017, Raftaar called Vivek to come to Delhi for a project. Then after he accepted the offer with Raftaar, he became known as Karma. Karma and Raftaar collaborated in famous music recordings including songs such as Main Wahi Hoon from Raftaar’s own album Mr Nair (2020).Karma also took part in Mic Check by AK Projects where he played out his rap melody “1 Se 23.”

Vivek’s favorite artist is Eminem, who inspired him when he was younger. He recently released an EP called Rookie that includes five different tracks.

A rapper that has just released a new EP, Vivek’s favorite artist is Eminem, who inspired him when he was younger. He recently released an EP called Rookie that includes five different tracks.

Karma (Rapper) is the artist that Vivek is excited about this month. Karma released a new album and it’s not just any album, it’s his first EP! The five tracks on the album are all different in terms of mood, feel, and tempo. Karma’s inspirations include Eminem. You can read more about Vivek’s thoughts on these new songs at his blog

Karma (Rapper) After Releasing His First Song in 2017

Karma (Rapper) is an artist with an inspiring story. Karma was born in 1988 to Indian parents in the city of Chennai, India and has since moved to the US. She originally began her career as a music producer, but found that she was more interested in rap lyrics and singing. Read about Karma’s life and how she became a rapper for our blog!

Karma has experience with difficult positions and he had to take odd jobs like guarding a bank.

After releasing his first song in 2017, Karma never looked back.

In his initial days, he struggled a lot due to limited money. There were days where he lost all his hope and got disappointed because of the lesser views he gets on his video but he decided not to give up.

In 2017, a popular rap song he took part in and performed was called Mic Check by AK Projects.

Raftaar met with Karma at Concert Room and was impressed, so he invited him to Delhi for a project. He and Vivek have continued working on the project.

Karma has a video coming out in 2019 where they work with Raftaar. It is called Main Wahi Hoon and it has already been watched 34 million times on YouTube.

Karma Is Biography

Born in Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India, KARMA has been a devoted fan of Eminem and got attracted to the rapping. He used to do a rap on his classmates in his school days.

India is a country with a population of billion people. Surfacing posts is challenging, and the time it takes to create meaningful connections with the audience is difficult to predict.

He initially had low views on his quality videos, but he didn’t let it get him down and uploaded an even better song called Masterak Pe Dastak on April 13, 2017.

He met and talked to Raftaar in Dehradun who, like himself, is a rapper.

After listening to his new songs, Raftaar decided to work with Vivek on his next video.

In 2019, Vivek collaborated with Raftaar on the song “Main Wahi Hoon.”

That song became incredibly popular, earning 34 million views; as a result, Vivek Arora Karma earned fame and began a new career.

Karma is one of the most popular hip hop artists in India and has a huge number of fans. He never stopped working to follow his dreams. Despite not being successful initially he never got discouraged.

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