Olivia Wilde Didn’t Appreciate Custody Docs On Stage

Olivia Wilde successfully dismisses ex-husband Jason Sudeikis’ custody petition

Olivia Wilde successfully dismisses ex-Jason Sudeikis’ custody petition. Olivia Wilde Didn’t Appreciate Custody Docs On Stage

Court documents show that a judge sided with Joanna Wilde in disputes over custody, dismissing a petition filed by Jason Sudeikis.

In court records, the actor reportedly wanted to have his kids from New York where they lived before and were born there, according to The Daily Mail.

In this decision, both the judge and the referee agreed that it’s not New York that is the home state for these children, but California is their true home state.

In the opinion of this court, New York does not have jurisdiction to hear custody petitions because it is not the home state of the children. They explain that New York has no jurisdiction because the children are not located within the state.

The case will remain in California because of the couple’s two children.

Kate accused Jason of embarrassing her during a presentation she was making at CinemaCon when he served her with the custody papers.

The details of the custody dispute

The actress said in a court filing that Jason’s actions were meant to threaten and surprise her. He could have served her discreetly, but instead, he did so aggressively.

“Jason would have done this to embarrass me in front of my professional colleagues, and to make a scene out of our personal conflict.”

She claims “Jason has made it clear” that he cannot resolve this matter outside the court system, so she filed for custody in L.A.

Wilde received the papers at CinemaCon, instead of Heathrow Airport. He intended for her to get them at Heathrow but his plan failed when moving her from one place to another.

“I have to say I am sorry for what happened,” the Saturday Night Live alum said. “Olivia’s talk was an important event for Olivia and it was a special moment for both, professionally and personally.”

Wilde expressed that she didn’t want the service to take place in her current partner’s home because Wilde’s daughter might be present.

“The children’s school wasn’t the place for service to take place, because parents might be present.”

Olivia Wilde Didn't Appreciate Custody Docs On Stage

Why Olivia Wilde was upset at the court date

On April 26, a court filed papers through the mail to her ex-husband Michael Sudeikis. The contents of the envelope were confirmed by Jason Weinberg, Sudeikis’s representative. He said that Sudeikis, who has two kids with Wilde didn’t have any prior knowledge of how they would be served. Lori later on noted in new filings that she find this statement to be unbelievable.

Jason was clearly threatening me. He could have served me discreetly, but instead, he chose to do it in the most aggressive way possible by humiliating me on public display. The conflict is also hurting our children and endangering their best interests.

According to the court documents, Sudeikis filed for custody because of a disagreement about where their family could best thrive. They have been co-parenting successfully with time split between Los Angeles, London (where Ted Lasso films and Wilde’s boyfriend Harry Styles lives), and New York. However, Sudeikis wanted to relocate to New York after Ted Lasso completed filming.

However, Sudeikis refused to leave New York. “First, Olivia said that if I did not reside in Los Angeles full-time, she would only allow me to visit Otis and Daisy on weekends and during vacation periods – which would deprive me of my right to be there for the important moments in their lives. Secondly, Olivia said she planned to relocate with the children to London following their school year in 2023.”

Olivia Wilde’s victory

Wilde is not in agreement with Sudeikis’s plan to move the children, as they have not lived in New York for several years. Wilde has also said that since Jason made it clear that this matter would not be solved outside of court, she filed for custody.

In the CinemaCon incident, Justin Sudeikis denied accusations. “I did not want service to take place at the home of Olivia’s current partner because Otis and Daisy might be present. I did not want service to take place at the school because parents might be present,” he said in filings.

According to the court documents, the process server tried delivering their papers to Wilde at Heathrow Airport and at her hotel room in Las Vegas. The papers were then delivered to her on-site. Sudeikis has stated that the papers were not delivered in time and that they should have been served with 7 days’ notice.

The attendee, who was not identified by name, has apologized to actress Olivia Munn. “I deeply regret what happened,” he said in a statement. “Olivia’s talk about her experiences in the entertainment industry was an important event for Olivia and I am very sorry that this incident marred her special moment.”

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