Soccer Mommy intimate solo set at the Grammy Museum

Soccer Mommy intimate solo set at the Grammy Museum

Soccer Mommy intimate solo set at the Grammy Museum In her music, Soccer Mommy highlights the beauty and ugliness of the world. Sophie Allison is better known by her stage name, Soccer Mommy.

Allison sat down with Mikael Wood for an interview about her newest album, “Sometimes, Forever.” During the interview, she played guitar and talked about how she approached music production for this album.

In both her lyrics and the production of her music, Allison wants to show love and these romantic feelings amidst harsher ideas.

When I was younger, I didn’t think things were going in that direction. However, as I did my albums, this became more of an interest.

Allie said, “Songs are typically the end result of me going over things that have been in my mind for a long time.

Sitting down to write an idea, everything just flows.

Allison’s songs went from the idea stage to production with the help of Oneohtrix Point Never.

Tony Lopatin’s collaborations with artists such as the Weeknd meshed well because they both use synth-heavy pop.

“Shotgun” sounds like it does not diverge from their usual indie rock soundscapes. Speaking about the song, Allison remarked about how “OPN’s synths fit seamlessly with her style of music.

The use of synth chords toward the end of Shotgun brings in this warmer sound on top of a song with darker guitar parts. This build to an airy lift I really enjoy.

They recorded most of the album at the Sound Emporium in Nashville.

Talking about COVID-19, Allison said she prefers in-person studio sessions. She showed her preference for this by starting to work on the album with a full band.

Allison cited Kacey Musgraves winning Album of the Year in 2019 for Golden Hour as the inspiration for different kinds of music being recognized.

When talking about submitting music

When talking about submitting music

Allison, believing she had no chance at winning a Grammy, was surprised to be nominated. She says that receiving the nomination is significant and may motivate someone else to work harder.

Allison returned to the stage with a pink electric guitar and performed selections from “Sometimes, Forever,” her 2020 album “Color Theory,” as well as shared with the audience.

The set started off with the song “Bones” and then quickly went into an upbeat and popular number, “Sometimes Forever.” This was a request from the audience.

Allison then performed some jazzy, dark songs from their new album. All of the songs were brooding and featured some guitar moments that were propulsive and energetic.

The set concludes with “Still” which highlights her intricate, personal songwriting that has garnered much critical acclaim in her early career.

The singer-songwriter released their third album on June 24, which was recorded live and features guest appearances from Chance the Rapper, Ty Dolla Sign, Joey Purp, and J. Cole

Allison will tour Europe and North America, starting in Nottingham at the end of August and ending in Dallas.

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