Batgirl Killer Warner Bros Wonder What About Ezra Miller and Flash? Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is in trouble, as the CEO founded Batgirl and renounced it.

Furthermore, the star of “The Flash” has been embattled and Warner Bros.

is considering what to do about their film slated for next year.

THR sources say that Miller is seeking professional help and that he’ll make a public apology.

Miller was charged with theft of alcohol in a Vermont home and the police have the surveillance video to prove it.

On top of that, Rolling Stone reported that the police served Miller a citation on Wednesday for one of a series of attempts to track down

a 25-year-old woman who has been living in unsafe conditions at their farm.

To help avoid tragedy, a family from Vermont had their kids removed from the family home.

The family defended themselves by saying they had recently fled and were now living somewhere else.