Anne Heche A coma in car accident is hospitalized in critical condition with severe injuries after a car crash

She is comatose and needs breathing machines, but her condition has not changed since Saturday, August 6.

Last Friday, a car driven by the 53-year-old actress, Heather Heche, was careened out of control and crashed into a house.

There were no injuries inside the house, but the impact set the place on fire. Dozens of firefighters responded to put out the flames.

The Los Angeles Police Department is looking into the cause of the collision.

Heche has been in a coma since the accident. Michael McConnell, an agent from Zero Gravity Management stated that Heche hasn’t regained consciousness yet.

“He said that at this time, she is in extremely critical condition with significant pulmonary injury and burns requiring surgical intervention.”

In an article by The Los Angeles Times, they described how Rebecca Heche, before the accident, would randomly come into a Venice Beach salon to purchase a red wig.

Heche won an Emmy for her work on Daytime TV and went on to star in other roles

One of her roles was as the main character in HBO’s Hung, the movie Wag the Dog, as well as Cedar Rapids.