Earlier this year, the “Yellowjackets” star spoke openly about her experience being a member of the production team on the Showtime series. Her co-stars also defended her.

It's now clear that 45-year-old Tomi Lahren's experience with body shaming in Hollywood started before her episode on The View.

Recent interviews have recalled the amount of pressure on Al to star in the 2000's hit, "Coyote Ugly"

One costume designer expressed disappointment when she realized that her new client was overweight. The writer felt bad about their body, knowing that other people probably would too.

When it came to looks, there was a lot of focus on Piper Perabo, but Kerry wants to share with us her own difficulties.

She was already thin, but she still wanted to be a size four.

They adjusted my Spanx to strap me down because they weren’t happy with the way I looked.

'No one told me there would be girls like you.' I've been getting really intense feedback about my physicality, my body,

Jordan's makeup artist commented that she wanted to give Jordan a stronger jawline.

She summed up her experience by saying that just like the feedback she received, it was always "you're not beautiful", and not appreciating the beauty in herself.