Some of her fans are supporting her after she was criticized for her weight in a video that went viral.

Lambert received some new attention earlier this week. Recently at a show, Lambert performed his song "Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home). The video of the performance went viral on TikTok.

Miranda Lambert had the crowd at her fingertips

Some people criticized Lambert's body, saying she appeared overweight and unhealthy.

The user referred to her as "Miss Lambert"

The phrase "dodged a bullet" came up to describe how Shelton would never have to worry again about having to deal with a crazy wife.

A lot of Lambert's fans can't stand rude comments against her, especially from men.

One user replied with 6,000 likes: "Only BOYS commenting on her weight that isn't even in her laugh. I mean…have you seen her man?! She's beautiful."

Men who comment on her weight. I would call her beautiful and fit, one fan remarked. Another male fan said, "She's a nice lady, Miranda Lambert."