Olivia Wilde successfully dismisses ex-husband Jason Sudeikis’ custody petition

Olivia Wilde successfully dismisses ex-Jason Sudeikis’ custody petition. Olivia Wilde Didn’t Appreciate Custody Docs On Stage

Court documents show that a judge sided with Joanna Wilde in disputes over custody, dismissing a petition filed by Jason Sudeikis.

In court records, the actor reportedly wanted to have his kids from New York where they lived before and were born there, according to The Daily Mail.

In this decision, both the judge and the referee agreed that it’s not New York that is the home state for these children, but California is their true home state.

In the opinion of this court, New York does not have jurisdiction to hear custody petitions because it is not the home state of the children

They explain that New York has no jurisdiction because the children are not located within the state.

The case will remain in California because of the couple’s two children.

Kate accused Jason of embarrassing her during a presentation she was making at CinemaCon when he served her with the custody papers.

The actress said in a court filing that Jason’s actions were meant to threaten and surprise her.