Tekken 7 battle balance update launch on August 17 (2022)

Knee claimed the win in Tekken 7 at Evo 2022, and with that, Bandai Namco laid out a plan for the future of the game.

The Tekken World Tour was announced as concluding in a Global Finals in Amsterdam.

Bandai will release a new battle update on August 17, which will fix issues that have been in the game and add more content.

The update is supposed to include moves that react differently from other moves and combos.

There will be more details about the update soon, but many fans think that it will include Tekken 8.

The video ends with a short teaser for the next installment of Tekken and a quick update on the classic scene from the original game.

The YouTube "teaser" trailer for the latest Tekken game only created more speculation,

but the general manager of Evo confirmed it was a new Tekken project rather than just another video hyping up the series.

The next Tekken project is unlikely to be announced for some time, but when it does drop, the fan base will be excited and fervent.